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Teleport Blog - Kubernetes Access support for Teleport Connect - Oct 3, 2022

Kubernetes Access support for Teleport Connect

Teleport Connect for Kubernetes

Teleport 10.3 was released on September 30, 2022 along with a lot of new features, bug fixes and improvements. This blog post will focus on one new feature that deserves a deeper dive.

Kubernetes Access support for Teleport Connect

Teleport Connect is a developer-friendly browser for cloud infrastructure, Teleport 10.3 has added the ability to access Kubernetes clusters directly from Teleport Connect. Teams can now easily access one or multiple Kubernetes clusters from one app. Teleport Connect is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It's a free Download, available for both community and Enterprise users of Teleport.

Other fixes and improvements in 10.3

  • Added Kubernetes Access support to Teleport Connect. webapps#1201
  • Added Elasticsearch support to Database Access. #16873
  • Added information about available security releases to tsh status. #16850
  • Improved error handling when registering MFA devices. #16765
  • Updated default AWS install script to use v2 metadata API. #16664
  • Updated tsh db connect hint to not display --db-user and --db-name flags unless needed. #16747
  • Fixed issue with RDS auto-discovery of a secondary cluster of a global Aurora database. #16710

Teleport 10.3.1 Release Notes


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