Teleconsole 0.3.1 Released

We have received a lot of great feedback since the Teleconsole launch. We pushed a quick update to Github which incorporates some of the feedback. This release is a quick response to most common complaints and feature requests we’ve received since the original release.

New Features

Will create a session that only Linus will be able to join ;)

Bug Fixes

Upon joining a new session, Teleconsole now replays up to 20 most recent “drawings” so you get the full context of what you’re looking at.

Known Issues

Cross-compiling for ARM-6 is more trouble than it’s worth, from now on ARM builds are ARM-7 (Raspberry Pi 3+) but if you have an older ARM-6 based appliance, building from source natively on it is trivial.


If you haven’t tried Teleconsole before, get it:

curl | sh

And then simply type teleconsole in your terminal and follow the instructions.

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