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Teleport Blog - A Message to Russia: We Will Not Support Your War in Ukraine - Mar 4, 2022

A Message to Russia: We Will Not Support Your War in Ukraine

Effective immediately, Teleport will cease doing business with all organizations headquartered in Russia. We are starting conversations with affected current customers and are winding down our involvement as quickly as is legally possible. With this action, we want to send a clear message to the Russian government: we condemn the invasion of Ukraine, and we will not enable your aggression through direct or indirect use of our technology.

We hope that the world continues to unite against Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. That the innocent Ukrainian and Russian people who want no part of this war will soon see peace. And that the values of democracy and freedom take root in Russia and push aside the autocracy and control that enable Putin’s reign.

In the meantime, Teleport will continue to work with customers all over the world who need to defend against cyberattacks and other forms of digital aggression. At Teleport, we are builders. We believe that creating is more powerful than destroying.


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