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Teleport Blog - Partnering with Observa - Apr 3, 2024

Partnering with Observa

For many years, we’ve been partnering with a security company called Doyensec and together we have published many security reports for our open core product, Teleport.

The Doyensec team has been our peer-review partner for critical security design documents and has been reviewing many of them in the public domain which I hope will become a common practice for security-minded projects.

We hope that these public reports contributed to the security of many open source projects, as many findings and research on BPF have been relevant outside of what Teleport does.

Doyensec has proven to be the highest quality and agile teams we have worked with, although we partner with many other stellar teams that often prefer not to disclose their engagements for valid reasons.

That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with a company co-founded by the Doyensec team leads - Observa.

We chose them because of the stellar reputation of the Doyensec and Observa team and Observa’s focus on effective and pragmatic security programs.

We hope it will boost Teleport’s security and compliance programs, just as Doyensec set Teleport’s security and transparency standard to a new level.


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