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Teleport Blog - Infrastructure & AI - Jun 14, 2023

Infrastructure & AI

Infrastructure & AI

Hello Teleport Community,

For this month's newsletter I’m going to join the hype train, and write about AI. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and have been using an air-gapped computer you’ve seen the explosion of new applications of AI via both Diffusion Models and Large Language Models (LLMs). Large Language Models are the core technology behind OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) and the tech used for ChatGPT and GPT-4. AI has been written about at length — for this newsletter, I’ll focus on AI & infrastructure.

Where is the AI?

In the same way Cloud Computing is just someone else's computer. ‘AIs’ can be consumed in the same way, either via a SaaS Service such as OpenAI or via a self-hosted open-source model such as llama or Falcon. These pre-trained models require a powerful GPU to handle the large amount of data and computation required for inferencing. A range of AI models can be picked depending on use case — it’s even possible to run models at the edge on devices such as the Nvidia Jetson.

Accessing the AI

There is always a scene in a sci-fi movie, in which the protagonist realizes the power of AI and tries to ‘unplug’ it, often realizing it’s too late because it’s become sentient and has replicated itself, like any reliable Kubernetes cluster would.

The reality is a lot less exciting. When interacting with AIs you’re just interacting with infrastructure and compute. Teleport has a few customers already protecting access to supercomputers. ECMWF is one such organization that provides secure access to let people run weather models on their cluster. You can read more about how they let third parties securely access their supercomputing clusters.

Another company making AI easier for marketing teams is Teleport has been helping them for the past year to secure their platform. Providing a secure access platform that helped their organization scale and improve their security. Learn more in the case study or watch their Teleport Connect 2022 talk.

AI assistant for Teleport

We’ve been following these developments closely at Teleport, and we launched Teleport Assist with Teleport 13. Teleport Assist is an AI-powered assistant to help you with tedious DevOps tasks. You can use it to troubleshoot common issues, and it’ll generate the correct commands that you can execute on your infrastructure. I’ve found this tool has saved me `a trip out to Stack Overflow and has greatly improved my commands for quickly debugging and resolving issues.

Teleport Assist is available for people using Teleport Community Edition 13. We would love to learn more about how you plan to use it, so please share your experiences in #teleport community Slack channel.

Note: This email was 100% written by myself — no AI tokens were used in its production. As we explore new frontiers, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be hosting Teleport Connect again. Teleport Connect 2023 will be our 2nd user conference. If you have an interesting story, use-case or demo please submit a CFP.

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