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Teleport Blog - Announcing our Series A - Nov 20, 2019

Announcing our Series A

Today, we are proud to announce that we have closed a $25MM Series A funding round led by Kleiner Perkins.

In just a couple of years, our customer base has exploded from a handful of early adopters to an impressive portfolio of some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, including NASDAQ, Splunk, TicketMaster, Mulesoft and Samsung.

While we were recently able to reach profitability by delivering valuable software solutions to our customers, this Series A financing provides us with even more resources to execute on the company’s vision faster. We will be accelerating our product development and making our products even more capable and easier to use. The additional funding will also allow us to build a world-class enterprise support organization to serve our customers better.

Why we started Gravitational

We started Gravitational to empower software developers to deliver their cloud applications to any infrastructure with the same simplicity as desktop and mobile applications.

We have always loved the operational model of downloadable software from the desktop era when applications did not have to be managed 24/7. Compare that to today’s era of cloud computing when software developers must closely work with DevOps teams to constantly fight dozens of layers of complexity associated with the modern cloud stacks. Some SaaS companies, even those with very capable engineering teams, tend to lose the institutional knowledge of what it takes to go from scratch to production over time. Even migrating from one AWS account into another can be an Everest-sized obstacle for many teams.

Our open-source solution, Gravity, gives you the power to capture your entire production environment in a single file, like a giant VM image, which you can drag and drop across cloud providers or give it to your customers to run on their own, like a desktop app.

We also enable secure privileged access to these environments through our modern secure access gateway, Teleport, which rejects the obsolete authentication mechanism based on SSH keys and instead relies on certificates tied to user identity as the only method of authentication and authorization for multi-cloud infrastructure.

Teleport has made obtaining a FedRAMP-Moderate ATO that much more achievable via their FIPS 140-2 endpoints, ease in integration with our SSO and MFA, and the view into audit logs of remote connection sessions provide the appropriate insight for continuous monitoring. - Jeff Gill, Director of Engineering at Sumo Logic

Multi-Cloud and Open-Source

Building cloud software is hard. Despite the myriad tools available to developers, the complexity of getting from idea to production is only growing. The major cloud providers are increasingly offering services to help manage this complexity and while they may help solve immediate problems, they create lock-in to a particular provider. We believe cloud-native applications should be unchained from the underlying compute infrastructure.

Gravity offers a completely different way of thinking about cloud computing. Instead of layering application dependencies on top of infrastructure, we propose bundling all dependencies, even including things like SSH access, into the application itself, making it completely independent from a particular infrastructure form factor or cloud provider.

This approach facilitates an ecosystem of open source solutions that are not tied to any cloud provider but are still tightly integrated using open APIs and open protocols.

We are not alone in this belief. Companies like GitLab share this vision of multi-cloud computing based on open technologies.

We believe multi-cloud is the future. GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application that works with any cloud. GitLab enables workflow portability, so your process for developing, delivering, operating, and securing software stays the same regardless of which cloud you are running on. Gravity enables workload portability, so you can move your entire production environment anywhere you want. GitLab and Gravity work together to make multi-cloud a reality. - Sid Sijbrandij, co-founder and CEO of GitLab

We are excited to have Kleiner Perkins join us in this mission. You can read more about their perspective here.

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