Scaling Privileged Access for Modern Infrastructure: Real-World Insights
Apr 25
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Teleport Connect

Developer-friendly browser for cloud infrastructure

Traditional terminals are optimized for accessing localhost . Teleport Connect offers enhanced user experience and identity-based access for engineers who work in the cloud.

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Why use Teleport Connect

Your terminal and your browser are overloaded with tabs for all the servers, dashboards, databases, Kubernetes clusters and web services you need to access daily. Juggling static access credentials across resources is not secure, and lack of a shared state limits your productivity because context switching is expensive. Teleport Connect is a dedicated browser for working with cloud infrastructure that solves these issues.

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Cloud-optimized user experience

Teleport Connect makes you feel that all cloud resources like thousands of SSH servers, Kubernetes clusters, databases, code repositories and Grafana dashboards are running on your laptop.

Forget about VPNs and jump hosts

You don't need a VPN to securely connect to cloud resources. Teleport Connect automatically sets up mTLS tunnels to everything you need.

Enjoy live resource inventory

Teleport Connect makes all cloud resources auto-discovered and searchable by name, tag or any other metadata.

No more context switching

Once connected to a computing environment, enjoy the seamless integration of command line and web-based tools within the same UI, with global auto-complete.

Identity-based security

When you access infrastructure using a traditional terminal, you inherit the identity of the localhost account and use disjointed combinations of config files, passwords and keys to access remote resources. Teleport Connect leaves passwords behind, inherits your identity from SSO and uses it for everything.

Leave legacy access methods behind

Teleport Connect replaces legacy authentication methods like passwords, keys, HTTP redirects and cookies with short-lived x509 and SSH certificates for everything.

Go passwordless

Teleport Connect integrates with desktop operating systems to enable passwordless authentication via Touch ID on Mac, Windows Hello on Windows, and Yubico Touch on Linux.

Roaming account

After a single login, your identity will be carried over to every resource you access, and a single logout command will disconnect you from everything.

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