Published: Sep 9, 2020

Best Practices for Secure Infrastructure Access

by Teleport

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VPNs, firewalls, jump hosts, and other networking components have been fundamental in managing permissioned access to company resources like servers, databases, internal applications, and more. But as cloud computing has matured, these resources have become widely decentralized, and the IT stack compartmentalized and abstracted.

As compute resources change dynamically and communicate via public networks, the current implementation of access controls and policy enforcement is becoming an increasingly inexact science. This whitepaper takes a deep look at these trends, the challenges posed by relying on a purely networking-based security policy, and how to reframe this problem in a realistic light. Distilled into key principles used by engineers from small startups to Fortune 5 companies, these four practices provide a strong framework in reconsidering how companies authenticate and authorize users access to critical infrastructure.

Download the PDF to learn how…

(1) Basing decisions on identity,

(2) Designing for ease-of-use,

(3) Inherently distrusting all networks, and

(4) Centralizing auditing and monitoring,

…will prepare organizations to secure infrastructure, meet compliance requirements, reduce operational overhead, and get better visibility into user behavior.

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