The Business Value of Teleport

A GigaOm Use Case and TCO Analysis

In this research paper GigaOm will analyze and validate the assertions of Teleport, which claims to address the challenges of traditional secure access approaches and deliver better security and compliance, while saving money and increasing productivity.

Cover photo of GigaOm white-paper

What you will learn

Enterprises continue to evolve to be more digitally driven. As part of this transition, businesses must build software to operate in new ways. There is a fundamental shift for organizations to develop their own software stacks for day-to-day operations, whether driving internal processes or interacting with suppliers and customers. To do this successfully, businesses have developed new operational models, including building software development and engineering teams that can react quickly to changing industry and customer demands.

Download the report to learn

  • The Complexity of Infrastructure Access
  • How Teleport Works
  • How Teleport Addresses the Challenges of:
    • Data Breach Mitigation
    • Reducing Infrastructure Complexity
    • Improving Productivity
    • Enhancing User Lifecycle Management
    • Streamlining Audit and Compliance Costs


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