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Jun 27
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State of Infrastructure Access and Security Report 2022

The 2022 State of Infrastructure Access and Security Report seeks to understand the specific challenges facing DevOps, security engineering and other security professionals. Using survey data collected by Schlesinger Group, an independent research company, from 500 respondents, the report offers a representative sample of the common beliefs and observations shared by industry professionals, as well as the actions they take to keep their organizations safe. Organizations are still too dependent on secrets like passwords, keys and tokens to protect their infrastructure. Secrets, the number one source of data breaches, are always at risk of being shared, lost or stolen, and they cannot be relied on as part of an effective security posture — yet they are still widely used.

Book cover for "State of Infrastructure Access and Security Report 2022"

Download the PDF to learn:

  • What 500 of your peers are thinking about security
  • The biggest trends in identity-based access
  • Tops areas to focus in 2023


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