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Current Support and Service Level Agreement

Applicable Period: Sales Orders entered into on or after November 1, 2023

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Prior Support and Service Level Agreements applicable to Sales Orders:


As part of your Subscription Plan, Provider offers one level of support: Priority. Below is a description of the Priority support level.

Access to ResourcesPriority
Access to Teleport Technical Support Engineering Team
Access to Teleport Knowledge Base
Access to Teleport Documentation Site
Proactive Release and Security Updates
Early Access to New Features
24/7 Emergency Assistance
Communication ChannelsPriority
Access to a Private Engineering Slack Channel During Onboarding
Prioritized Case Handling
By Request Live Phone/Video Support

1. Support Services for Software deployed in Customer’s Computing Environment

1.1 Support Services. Teleport shall provide maintenance and support services for the Software deployed in the Customer’s Computing Environment in accordance with these terms. The Support Services are provided as Standard and Priority (formerly Premium) Support as set forth above.

1.2. Response Times. Teleport shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct all service errors and respond to and resolve all support requests in accordance with the timelines set forth in the table below. Teleport’s response time obligations are subject to the Customer registering with the online support portal and properly labeling the issue pursuant to the table above. If there is an “S1: Urgent”, “S2: High” or “S3: Medium” issue, Customer must create a ticket in the support portal or send an email with "S1", "S2" or "S3" in the subject line so that Teleport can escalate properly in order to be covered by the response time guarantee.

1.3. Response credits.

1.3.1. Each failure by Teleport to meet the response timelines of this Emergency Support SLA will result in Customer being entitled to a credit of 10% of the Monthly Fee for the month during which such failure occurs (the “Response Credit”).

1.3.2. To be eligible for a Response Credit, Customer must provide a written request for a Response Credit, within 30 days of the incident.

1.3.3. The Customer’s right to a Response Credit will expire 30 days after the incident occurs. Response Credits not requested within such 30 day period will be automatically forfeited.

Severity LevelPriorityDescription
S1: UrgentAvailability*24/7Production System Outage: Teleport is unusable and/or is severely impacting other critical business functions, and no workaround is available.
Response Time1 hour
S2: HighAvailability*24x5Primary Functionality Impaired; No Workaround: The reported issue affects primary functionality and/or causes some performance degradation, and no workaround is available.
Response Time4 hours
S3: MediumAvailability*24x5Moderate Impact with Workaround: Issue has moderate or minor impact on usage, and Teleport remains functional. This category may include enhancement requests, common howto questions, and any product issues with a viable workaround.
Response Time10 Business hours
LowAvailability*9x5Minor Impact: Includes minor, cosmetic, or documentation related issues, and enhancement requests that are not time­ sensitive. There is no impact on Teleport’s existing features.
Response TimeNo SLA

*Availability - 9x5 is defined as Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM, US Pacific Time. 24/7 includes weekends and public holidays.

2. Availability Software deployed in Teleport’s Computing Environment (SaaS Service)

2.1. The following availability terms are applicable to the SaaS Service.

2.2. Service Level. Teleport shall make the SaaS Service Available, as measured over the course of each calendar month during the Subscription (each such calendar month, a "Service Period"), at least 99.9% of the time, excluding only the time SaaS Service is not Available solely as a result of one or more Exceptions (the "Service Level"). "Available" means the SaaS Service is available and operable for access and use by Customer, and their respective Users in material conformity with the Documentation, Agreement and applicable Sales Order. "Availability" has a correlative meaning. SaaS Service is not considered Available in the event of any performance degradation or interoperability of the SaaS Service or any material portion thereof.

2.3. Exceptions. The Service Level does not cover any period of degradation or interoperability in calculating Availability to the extent that such lack of interoperability or degradation is due to any of the following ("Exceptions"):

2.3.1. Customer or Users misuse of the SaaS Service;

2.3.2. Failures of Customer or Users internet connectivity;

2.3.3. Internet or other network traffic problems other than problems arising in or from networks actually or required to be provided or controlled by Teleport;

2.3.4. Customer or any User’s equipment, software, network connections, infrastructure, and other systems;

2.3.5. Third party systems, acts or omissions (third party products) and errors in third party measurement tools;

2.3.6. Modification to SaaS Service by any individual other than Teleport;

2.3.7. Customer’s failure to keep their Teleport agents current with the SaaS Service. For purposes of these terms, “current” (i) the most recent major release of SaaS Service, or (ii) the previous major release of SaaS Service; or

2.3.8. Caused by a force majeure event beyond Teleport’s control.

2.4. Status Page. Customer shall have access to information on the Availability of the SaaS Service via

2.5. Remedies for Availability Failures.

If Customer is current on its payment obligations and Teleport confirms/verifies the Availability of SaaS Service is less than the specified Service Level during a Service Period, Teleport will apply a credit of 10% of the applicable Monthly Fees payable for SaaS Service provided during the Service Period for each 1% by which actual uptime is less than the Service Level (the “Service Credit”).

2.5.1. To be eligible to receive a Service Credit, Customer must request such Service Credit from Teleport in writing no later than thirty (30) days following the end of the month in which Customer believes that the uptime of the SaaS Service was below the Service Level.

3. Miscellaneous.

3.1. The “Monthly Fee” is 1/12th of the annual Subscription Fees plus any Additional Usage Fees charged during the applicable month.

3.2. Response Credits and Service Credits (together, the “Credits”) shall be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy (and Teleport’s sole liability) for Teleport’s failure to meet the support response times or Service Level (as applicable). The parties acknowledge and agree the Service Credits constitute liquidated damages and not a penalty.

3.3. Final calculations and determinations as to Credits shall be made by Teleport at its sole discretion.

3.4. In no event will the total aggregate amount of Credits exceed fifty percent (50%) of the Monthly Fee.

3.5. Credits not requested within the applicable time period will be automatically forfeited.

3.6. Credits may be applied to any amount owed or owing to Teleport in the future.