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Getting Started With Teleport Cloud


Here is a simple set of steps to access your cloud from the command line and easily add your first Server access.

Step 1/5 Signup

Sign up for a cloud account here.

Step 2/5 Access Web Console

Access Web Console Access Web Console

Select Add Server and press COPY to copy the script command Add Server Script

Step 3/5 Install Teleport Agent on Server

Paste and run script

Past Install Script

Teleport Agent Installed Completed Install

Step 4/5 Access Server

Select close and Server can be accessed Access Server

Step 5/5 Access from Command Line

Install client libraries:

curl -O

verify signature

echo "$(curl" | sha256sum --check
tar -xzf teleport-ent-v9.3.7-linux-amd64-bin.tar.gz
cd teleport-ent
sudo ./install

Login into Teleport and test the connection:

tsh logs you in and receives short-lived certificates

tsh login [email protected]
tsh ls

Node Name Address Labels

--------- ---------- ------

myserver ⟵ Tunnel

Type exit to end this session. Happy Teleporting!

Next Steps