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We recently launched Teleport 4.3 and received an overwhelming response from newer members of the community. They have requested that we go back and explain from the start what Teleport is and why it is better than using the built-in SSH machinery that comes with every Linux or BSD distribution.

What is Teleport?

Teleport is an open source Linux server that allows you to easily implement SSH best practices. We have covered SSH best practices using OpenSSH on our blog before. And while OpenSSH is the de-facto standard, it requires significant expertise and time commitment to do the following:

Teleport does all of the above out of the box, by default, and with minimal configuration. We have recorded a 5-minute demo video to show how this works.

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Teleport 4.3 demo

In the video below, you will see how to:

You can just hit “play” or proceed to the Quick Start Guide and do all of the above yourself. It only takes 30 minutes to get up and running:

Download Teleport and try it for yourself!

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