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Teleport Blog - Flywheel Accelerates Deployments and Provides Agile, Compliant Support for Biomedical Researchers using Teleport - Oct 19, 2022

Flywheel Accelerates Deployments and Provides Agile, Compliant Support for Biomedical Researchers using Teleport

by Nate Magee


As companies increasingly move to remote workforces, the need for secure and rapid offboarding has never been greater. Flywheel, a digital agency that specializes in healthcare and life sciences, has found great success using Teleport to streamline its offboarding process.

Flywheel had been using a traditional VPN solution to grant access to customer environments, but found the process to be slow and cumbersome. With Teleport, the company has cut down its offboarding time from several weeks to just 20 minutes. This not only saves considerable time and resources, but also helps ensure compliance with security requirements.

In addition to its rapid offboarding capabilities, Teleport also provides Just-in-time Access Requests which enable engineers to efficiently manage requests as they come in. This is particularly helpful for companies with remote workforce, as it eliminates the need to bundle support tickets and manually enter login credentials.

Flywheel has found that Teleport is a critical component for efficiently and securely accessing client environments. The company recommends Teleport as part of its best practices documentation for streamlining development workflows and boosting security. Additionally, Teleport's Scientific Solutions team can access customer systems in a secure fashion to help customers develop algorithms and workflows more quickly and accurately.

Across implementations, engineering, development, and Scientific Solutions teams, Teleport is seen as a key force behind reducing employee burnout. By avoiding common frustrations such as getting access to tools and customer environments, Teleport helps everyone focus on their core functions. This results in a more efficient and productive workforce, which is essential for any company looking to compete in today's marketplace.

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