Scaling Privileged Access for Modern Infrastructure: Real-World Insights
Apr 25
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No More Bastion Servers

Reduce Overhead, Boost Security, Simplify Access

Reduce overhead with automated infrastructure and user provisioning. Bolster security using passwordless authentication, end-to-end encryption, and auditable sessions. Enhance existing tools with streamlined access that doesn't get in the way.

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Access Automation for Lean Operations

Teleport's platform automates the onboarding of your infrastructure and handles access requests, allowing you to streamline your operational processes and maintain a holistic view of all access points within your infrastructure. Features such as automated infrastructure discovery, identity-based user management, and stringent role-based access controls ensure that infrastructure and users are provisioned with only the necessary permissions. Additionally, they ensure that access to your protocols is managed from a single location.

Automatic Infrastructure Discovery

Teleport's Discovery Service automates the intricacies of infrastructure management. It effortlessly connects to multiple cloud platforms, autonomously identifying and enrolling infrastructure instances. This eliminates tedious manual setups and mitigates risks associated with oversight, guaranteeing the efficient enrollment of each instance into your Teleport cluster.

Dynamic Permission Elevation

Teleport's Access Requests provide engineers a seamless mechanism to request additional permissions. Integrated with your existing workflows and tools, it allows for on-the-fly role elevation when the situation demands, while ensuring all such escalations are logged and auditable. This dynamic system ensures engineers get the access they need without compromising on safety protocols.

Modern Security for Infrastructure Access

Teleport delivers a multifaceted security strategy. Utilizing passwordless or multi-factor authentication combined with device trust, it guarantees only authorized users and vetted client devices access critical infrastructure. For swift response situations, live session monitoring, along with termination and locking capabilities, offer complete control over all active connections. Further aiding in security investigations, each SSH session and command is recorded, logged, and readily exportable to your Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tool.

Robust Defense with Passwordless and Device Trust

Teleport combines passwordless or multi-factor authentication with device trust, ensuring only approved users on validated devices access crucial infrastructure. Benefit from real-time session monitoring, immediate termination, and locking capabilities. All these are designed to give engineers and developers a seamless, yet highly secure, user experience.

Session Transparency and Advanced Audit Trails

Teleport's Enhanced Session Recording elevates beyond traditional Linux OpenSSH logging. It provides a comprehensive log of every user action, effectively counters obfuscation techniques, and centralizes not just script-command logs but all session activities. Combined with in-depth infrastructure logs, these audit events can be exported to your log management or SIEM system for swift analysis and proactive detection of suspicious activities.

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risk reduction


Teleport's use of identity instead of credentials will, as demonstrated, reduce compromise risk by 200% compared to static credentials.

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Simplified SSH Access and Management

Shift from wrestling with security tools to Teleport's streamlined, engineer-centric approach. Ditch manual SSH certificate handling and cumbersome .ssh/config setups—automate it. Get a unified view of your servers with our dynamic infrastructure inventory. Using Teleport's handy tsh CLI utility, enhance your SSH sessions: execute bulk commands, share sessions, and maintain connectivity even on spotty Wi-Fi connections. All while enjoying end-to-end encryption, eliminating the need for intricate Bastions or VPNs.

Enhanced Engineer Workflows

Teleport streamlines your engineering workflows, offering a versatile web interface, robust command-line tools, and the Teleport Connect app. View infrastructure, share sessions, or review replays easily across all tools. The command line tools pack a punch, enabling interactive shell sessions, file transfers, and secure access behind firewalls. Teleport Connect brings all web features to a familiar local desktop environment. With automatic .ssh/config adjustments and compatibility with tools like Terraform and Ansible, we seamlessly integrate into your existing setup.

VPN-Free Secure Connectivity

Ditch the VPN. Teleport's Proxy Service revolutionizes how you connect to your infrastructure. Through identity-aware access via single sign-on or local credentials, developers can securely tap into Linux servers via SSH from the web, CLI, and more. This proxy isn't just about authentication; it smartly routes and records a spectrum of traffic, from SSH to database queries. And for those servers hidden behind firewalls? They're now accessible with reverse tunnels, compressing various protocol ports into a single, secure TLS route. Experience connectivity that's not just secure but also developer-centric with Teleport.

More Features


Teleport can integrate with your SSO provider, or be an SSO provider itself.

Linux User Management

Teleport automatically creates users on Linux hosts and sets their permissions according to a central policy.

Device Trust

Restrict SSH access only to trusted laptops.

Session recording

Record interactive SSH sessions and watch them in YouTube-like interface

Session sharing

Moderated sessions require more than one person to join for highly privileged tasks.


Restrict SSH access based on roles.

Machine to machine access

Issue and rotate SSH certificates for CI/CD automation with the Machine ID feature.

Access requests

Move away from privileged accounts with just-in-time temporary privilege escalation.

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