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Teleport Benefits

Benefits Overview (US)

Below is a summary of the benefits we offer full-time employees based in the U.S. at Teleport. Our main goal is to give our employees the benefits they need to do their job well and to feel happy and secure in their career and life.

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We offer Gold and Platinum level healthcare insurance, including dental and vision. Teleport covers 90% of premiums for employees and dependents at the platinum level.
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Medical Plans

Medical Plans provider
  • One Medical provides membership based primary care for US employees
  • Same/next-day primary care in 13 cities across the US. 24/7 Virtual care with free Video Chats
  • An app to message providers, refill prescriptions and get care
  • Team member and dependents

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  • Kaiser Permanente Kaiser HMO 1000 (NCal)
  • Kaiser Permanente Kaiser HMO 1000 (SCal)
  • Kaiser Permanente Kaiser HMO 0 (NCal)
  • Kaiser Permanente Kaiser HMO 0 (SCal)

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  • Aetna PPO 3500 [HSA]
  • Aetna PPO 500
  • Aetna PPO 300

Dental, Vision, Life and Disability

Dental, Vision, Life and Disability provider
  • Guardian Dental PPO 1500-1500Vision
  • Guardian-VSP Vision Plan C (Choice)
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  • Default Contribution (auto-enrolled): 1% contribution
  • Employer Matching: 100% of contributions on the first 3% deferred, then 50% of contributions from 3% to 5%

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Enhanced Wellness Benefits

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The intention for this program is increasing wellness and productivity. Wellness is unique and individual and with this flexible program we trust our team members to make professional decisions to be healthy and productive.

  • Initial home office setup: $2,000 (computer not included).
  • Ongoing Flexible Spending*: $7,000
  • $250 payroll stipend for cell/internet (up to $3000/year)


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We believe all employees should take time off. Our employees do their best work when they are rested and refreshed.

  • Paid Time Off: 4 weeks
  • Sick Leave: 10 days
  • Family Leave: 12 weeks
  • Military Leave

Additional Optional Benefits

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  • Voya Critical Illness Plan
  • Voya Accident Plan
  • Voya Hospital Plan
  • FSA and HSA
  • Cash-in-lieu of benefits: $250/month for employees that waive medical benefits
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