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Teleport API Introduction


The Teleport Auth Service provides a gRPC API for remotely interacting with your cluster.

Go client

Teleport has a public Go client to programatically interact with the API. tsh and tctl use the same API.

Here is what you can do with the Go Client:

  • Integrate with external tools, e.g., to write an Access Request plugin. Teleport maintains Access Request plugins for tools like Slack, Jira, and Mattermost.
  • Perform CRUD actions on resources, such as roles, auth connectors, and provisioning tokens.
  • Dynamically configure Teleport.

Get started

Create an API client in 3 minutes with the Getting Started Guide.

Learn how to use Teleport's API libraries

The following guides provide tours of API libraries that are relevant when setting up an API client to automate some aspect of setting up Teleport. Read these guides to set up a minimal working example and plan your own use of Teleport's API client libraries:

  • Automatically Register Teleport Agents: Write a Teleport API client to reconcile the resources in your Teleport cluster with an external service discovery API.
  • Write an Access Request Plugin: Follow this guide for a minimal working example of a plugin that you can use to manage Access Requests through your organization's unique communication worfklows.