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Lacework uses Teleport to provide secure access to Kubernetes clusters

Learn how Lacework uses Teleport

Lacework Overview

Lacework delivers security and compliance for the cloud generation. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform is cloud-native and offered as-a-Service, delivering build-time to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and cloud compliance across multi-cloud environments, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes. Trusted by enterprise customers worldwide, Lacework significantly drives down costs and risk, and removes the burden of unnecessary toil, rule writing, and inaccurate alerts.


Teleport solved our onboarding problem, allowing us to use OKTA to automatically provision certificates and Teleport to enforce access control to our Kubernetes environments. With Teleport and OKTA, onboarding and off-boarding is a breeze.

Matthew Zeier Director, Production Engineering and Operations at Lacework

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