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Multi-Factor Authentication

Easily implement Multi-Factor Authentication across your organization without relying on device management systems. Teleport MFA is designed for distributed teams and comes with a self-enrollment MFA portal.
terminal screen for mfa, ssh, K8s access
$ kubectl exec -ti postgres -- /bin/bash
Tap any security key ...
Access granted
[container] $ psql -u admin
$ kubectl exec -ti postgres -- /bin/bash
Tap any security key ...

$ ssh [email protected]
Tap any security key ...

$ psql -h postgres
Tap any security key ...
  $ tsh mfa add

  Choose device type [TOTP, U2F]: u2f
  Enter device name: desktop yubikey
  Tap any *registered* security key
  Tap your *new* security key
  MFA device "desktop yubikey" added.
  • Teleport allows us to comply with the regulatory hurdles that come with running an international stock exchange. The use of bastion hosts, integration with our identity service and auditing capabilities give us a compliant way to access our internal infrastructure.

    Brendan Germain

    Systems Reliability Engineer, Nasdaq

  • Teleport has made obtaining a FedRAMP-Moderate ATO that much more achievable via their FIPS 140-2 endpoints, ease in integration with our SSO and MFA , and the view into audit logs of remote connection sessions provide the appropriate insight for Continuous Monitoring.

    Jeff Gill

    Senior Director of Engineering, SumoLogic

Demo Video

Watch our demo of Teleport's Multi-Factor Authentication to access SSH and Kubernetes clusters. During setup users will be required to present a hardware token when trying to access resources. This greatly reduces the possibility of any malicious actor using Teleport's key material to gain access to systems.

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