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Packaging and Pricing

The Teleport Unified Access Plane consists of three commercial products that can each be purchased separately or together in any combination. Pricing is based on the number of resources connecting to Teleport.

Teleport Unified Access Plane

How we determine price

Teleport can handle enterprise scale (100,000’s of resources) and our pricing scales with you. As your usage increases the price per resource decreases. Our pricing is based on the number of resources connecting to Teleport. This pricing is subject to change.

Product Resource used for pricing Starting price per resource
Unified Access Plane Number of engineers $20 / month
Server Access Number of nodes $5 / month
Kubernetes Access Number of Kubernetes clusters $250 / month
Application Access Number of Applications $20 / month

Note: for Kubernetes access the maximum number of nodes per cluster. For customers that require more nodes per cluster they can either purchase additional clusters or reach out to sales to increase the amount of nodes per cluster.

Non-usage based pricing: For customers who have large sets of resources where usage pricing does not make sense we do allow for non-usage based pricing. This is handled only for larger resources that need securing. Please contact us to get a custom quote.

Platform Fee: For self-hosted deployments we have a minimum platform fee which includes a customer success manager, support, onboarding and implementation services. For an additional fee we offer premium support with 24x7 support coverage, and support response SLAs. We are happy to walk through your requirements and drill down into any of your needs.

Volume Pricing: The numbers above are the starting price per resource. Typically prices go down on a resource basis based on volume and term of the agreement. Typically our customers choose annual pricing options.

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