Teleport Pricing More Details

Packaging and Pricing

The Teleport Unified Access Plane consists of three commercial products that can each be purchased separately or together in any combination. Pricing is based on the number of resources connecting to Teleport.

Teleport Unified Access Plane

Flexible Deployment Options

Teleport is available as a free, open source binary that you can self-host and self-support, or through our commercial offerings. Our commercial offerings support flexible deployment options - Cloud only, Self-hosted only, or Hybrid.

  • Unified Access Platform
  • Host Anywhere
  • Single Sign-On
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Fully Managed
  • Supported

Open Source

Designed for engineers who prefer to build their own software. Often used by individual developers or small teams.


Designed for engineering teams that require the peace of mind and simplicity of a hosted and managed service.


Designed for engineering teams that demand the flexibility to run software anywhere, on any infrastructure.

Unified Access Platform
Yes Yes Yes
Host Anywhere
Yes no Yes
Single Sign-On
partial Github Only Yes Yes
Role Based Access Control
no Yes Yes
Fully Managed
no Yes no
Premium Support
no Yes Yes

How we determine price

Teleport can handle enterprise scale (100,000’s of resources) and our pricing scales with you. As your usage increases the price per resource decreases. Our pricing is based on the number of resources connecting to Teleport.

Product Resource used for pricing Starting price per resource
Unified Access Plane Number of engineers $20 / month
Server Access Number of nodes $5 / month
Kubernetes Access Number of Kubernetes clusters $250 / month
Application Access Number of Applications $20 / month

Minimum Purchase: We have a minimum purchase threshold depending on deployment options chosen - cloud, self-hosted, or hybrid. Since every installation is unique we want to provide you with an accurate and compelling price. We are happy to walk through your requirements and drill down into any of your concerns.

Volume Pricing: The numbers about are the starting price per resource. Typically prices go down on a resource basis based on volume and term of the agreement.

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