Upcoming Teleport Releases

The teleport team delivers a new major release roughly every 3 months.

Teleport Cloud "Austin"

The cloud team focuses on security hardening and single-region production release.

Release Schedule

Version Date Description
Security Audit Jan 10th, 2021 An external security team starts security audit.
Release March 1st, 2021 A single region deployment with 99.9% uptime monthly SLA (max 45 minutes of downtime per month). Good to go for production.

Teleport 6.0 "San Diego"

The team open sources role based access controls, implements Database Access, Session Termination and Access Workflows UI.

Release Schedule

Version Date Description
First alpha Jan 15th, 2021 Good for testing and demos.
First beta Feb 1st, 2021 Deploy on staging.
Release March 1st, 2021 Good to go for production.


You can find the full list of fixes and features in the Github milestone.

Feature Editions Description
Database Access All SSO into PostgreSQL or MySQL. Use AWS Aurora RDS or on-premises. Read more here.
OSS RBAC OSS Open source role based access controls. Check out the design doc and issue 4136.
Terraform Provider All Configure Teleport without UI using Terraform provider. More details here.
Dual Authorization Workflows Enterprise, Cloud Request multiple users to review and approve access requests. Find out more in issue 5007.
U2F for Kubernetes and SSH sessions All Adds an option to authorize with 2nd factor when connecting to a node/k8s cluster. Details in issue 3828.
Access Workflows UI Enterprise, Cloud Review access requests and assume roles in the UI. Some mockups are in issue 4937.
Client libraries and API All Use Go to create access workflows. Review the design doc and issue 4763.

Semantic Versioning

Teleport follows semantic versioning for pre-releases and releases.


Pre-releases have suffixes -alpha, -beta and -rc. They are not ready for production:


Releases are ready for production use.

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