Teleport Launches Identity Governance and Security
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New Webinar - April 27, 2023 at 9 am PST

Quickly onboard engineers and protect infrastructure with Teleport as a SAML and IDP

In this episode, we’ll go over how companies protect access to applications using Teleport. This webinar will focus on the workflow for quickly onboarding engineers to access your infrastructure and highlight how teams can use Teleport as a SAML and IDP for apps and websites.

In the latter half of the session, we'll delve deeper into the technical intricacies of SAML and share valuable tips for enhancing the security and modernization of your IDP through the implementation of passwordless authentication. Don't miss this opportunity to bolster your organization's access security with Teleport.

This episode will have content for existing Teleport users and people just learning about Teleport.

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Ben Arent

Developer Relations Manager
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Mike Wilson

Software Engineer
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Teleport is the easiest and most secure way to access all your infrastructure.

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