What is Identity-Native Infrastructure Access?

Identity-Native Infrastructure Access is the concept of linking access to an identity. Instead of sharing passwords or other secrets, access is granted on an individual's identity. Deployed by the world's largest tech companies, it's the only way to securely scale access. Learn more about this seismic shift in access.

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What you will learn

What the largest tech companies like Google and Facebook have discovered as they have grown their infrastructure is that traditional access control systems do not scale. Not only does the risk of a breach increase with each secret, but forcing developers to juggle hundreds of credentials to do their jobs limits productivity and encourages insecure workarounds. The largest companies in the world have discovered that identity-based access is the way out of the dilemma.

This O'Reilly book will explain the concept of identity-based infrastructure access, and how it differs from more common older approaches based on secrets.


Ev Kontsevoy

Ev Kontsevoy

CEO, Teleport

Sakshyam Shah

Sakshyam Shah

Developer Relations Engineer, Teleport

Peter Conrad

Peter Conrad

Author of What is KubeVirt?

Book Outline

Chapter 1

The Pillars of Access

The pillars of modern infrastructure access including identity, connectivity, authentication, authorization and audit

Chapter 2


The path to identity-based infrastructure access

Other Chapters

Early Access

This is an Early Release draft of Identity-Native Infrastructure Access. New chapters will be added regularly.


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