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CLI Tools

Gravity features the following CLI commands:

Component Description
tele The build tool. tele is used for building Cluster images. The enterprise edition of tele also publishes Cluster Images them into the Gravity Hub.
tsh Used for remotely connecting to Gravity/Kubernetes Clusters via SSH or Kubernetes API.
gravity The Cluster manager which runs on every Cluster node. It abstracts away complexities of Kubernetes management. gravity is also a CLI tool to perform Cluster expansion, upgrades, etc.

The typical Gravity workflow is as follows:


tele is the Gravity CLI client and can run on macOS and Linux. With tele you can:

You can think of tele as "docker for Clusters". Just as docker can build, push and pull containers, tele does the same with entire Clusters. See more details in Building Cluster Images section.


tsh allows to remotely connect to any Gravity Cluster using SSH and Kubernetes API. It runs on MacOS and Linux. You can use tsh to remotely login into any node in a Gravity Cluster, even those located behind firewalls.

Gravity uses Teleport for remotely accessing Clusters. See more details in the Teleport User Manual.


gravity only runs on Linux and is only available on the Cluster nodes where your applications are running. gravity is responsible for mostly abstracting away low-level Kubernetes management. gravity provides commands for easy version upgrades, adding and removing nodes to a Cluster, and other common administration tasks.

See more details in Cluster Management section

Gravity Enterprise

Gravity Enterprise enhances Gravity Community, the open-source Kubernetes packaging solution, to meet security and compliance requirements. It is trusted by some of the largest enterprises in software, finance, healthcare, security, telecom, government, and other industries.

Demo Gravity Enterprise

Gravity Community

Gravity Community is an upstream Kubernetes packaging solution that takes the drama out of on-premise deployments. Gravity Community is open-source software that anyone can download and install for free.

Download Gravity Community