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Cluster Access

Under the hood, Gravity uses Teleport to manage Cluster Access. Teleport is an open source privileged management solution for both SSH and Kubernetes and it comes bundled with Gravity.

Teleport manages SSH identities and access permissions to a Gravity Cluster. Teleport acts as a certificate authority (CA) capable of creating short-lived SSH certificates and Kubernetes certificates for remotely accessing clusters.

You can read more about how to configure access to Gravity Clusters in the Cluster Configuration section about configuring access.

For more information, the Teleport Architecture Document covers these topics in depth.

For managing access to multiple Clusters, Gravity Enterprise comes with Gravity Hub, which allows users to remotely access any Cluster that is connected to the Hub.

Logging into a Cluster

To login into Gravity cluster, use the tsh login command:

$ tsh login

The login command will open the web browser and users will have to authenticate with a username and password or through an SSO process.

You can read more about using tsh in the Teleport User Manual.

Gravity Enterprise

Gravity Enterprise enhances Gravity Community, the open-source Kubernetes packaging solution, to meet security and compliance requirements. It is trusted by some of the largest enterprises in software, finance, healthcare, security, telecom, government, and other industries.

Demo Gravity Enterprise

Gravity Community

Gravity Community is an upstream Kubernetes packaging solution that takes the drama out of on-premise deployments. Gravity Community is open-source software that anyone can download and install for free.

Download Gravity Community