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To diagnose problems you can configure teleport to run with verbose logging enabled by passing it -d flag.


It is not recommended to run Teleport in production with verbose logging as it generates a substantial amount of data.

Sometimes you may want to reset teleport to a clean state. This can be accomplished by erasing everything under "data_dir" directory. Assuming the default location, rm -rf /var/lib/teleport/* will do.

Teleport also supports HTTP endpoints for monitoring purposes. They are disabled by default, but you can enable them:

sudo teleport start --diag-addr=

Now you can see the monitoring information by visiting several endpoints:

  • is the list of internal metrics Teleport is tracking. It is compatible with Prometheus collectors. For a full list of metrics review our metrics reference.
  • returns "OK" if the process is healthy or 503 otherwise.
  • is similar to /healthz, but it returns "OK" only after the node successfully joined the cluster, draws the difference between "healthy" and "ready".
  • is Golang's standard profiler. It's only available when -d flag is given in addition to --diag-addr

Debug dump

You can get a goroutine dump of a running process by sending it USR1 signal.

Locate a running teleport daemon PID:

Locate teleport process PID

pidof teleport


Send a USR1 signal to teleport process:

kill -USR1 $(pidof teleport)

Teleport will print the debug information to stderr. Here what you will see in the logs:

INFO [PROC:1]    Got signal "user defined signal 1", logging diagnostic info to stderr. service/signals.go:99
Runtime stats
goroutines: 84
goroutine 1 [running]:
runtime/pprof.writeGoroutineStacks(0x3c2ffc0, 0xc0001a8010, 0xc001011a38, 0x4bcfb3)
    /usr/local/go/src/runtime/pprof/pprof.go:693 +0x9f

Getting help

If you need help, please ask on our community forum. You can also open an issue on Github.

For commercial support, you can create a ticket through the customer dashboard.

For more information about custom features, or to try our Enterprise edition of Teleport, please reach out to us at sales.

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