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Upcoming Teleport Releases


The Teleport team delivers a new major release roughly every 3 months.


Teleport 12

  • Device Trust Preview
  • Non-AD support for Desktop Access
  • Per-pod RBAC for Kubernetes Access
  • GCP CLI support for Application Access
  • Azure CLI support for Application Access
  • Support for more databases in Database Access
    • AWS DynamoDB
    • AWS Redshift Serverless
    • AWS RDS Proxy for PostgreSQL/MySQL
    • Azure SQLServer Auto Discovery
    • Azure Flexible Servers
  • Refactored Helm charts
  • Dropping support for SHA1 in Server Access
  • All macOS binaries will be signed and notarized
ReleaseFebruary 6th, 2023Good to go for production.

Teleport Cloud

The key deliverables for Teleport Cloud in the next quarter:

January 2023Add support for hosted Access Request plugins
January 2023New dashboard experience for on-prem customers
January 2023Complete rollout of Teleport Worldwide

Semantic Versioning

Teleport follows semantic versioning for pre-releases and releases.


Pre-releases have suffixes -alpha, -beta and -rc. They are not ready for production:

  • You can use alpha releases such as 5.0.1-alpha.1 for trying new features. Things can break and new changes may not be backwards-compatible.
  • Teleport beta releases, such as 5.0.1-beta.2 are suitable for staging environments. We are unlikely to change the APIs while we are ironing out bugs and UX glitches.
  • We mark release candidates as 5.0.1-rc.1 coding and bug fixes are finished. The team is going through the manual test plan to find any regressions.


Releases are ready for production use.

  • Releases 5.0.0 and 6.0.0 are major releases. We publish 4 major releases each year. Read more about upgrades and compatibility here.
  • Releases 5.1.0 are minor releases. They contain minor backwards-compatible improvements and backports.
  • Versions like 5.0.1 are quick patches. They contain backwards-compatible fixes.