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Upcoming Teleport Releases


The teleport team delivers a new major release roughly every 3 months.


Teleport 9.3

Teleport 9.3 will add support for proxy peering to reduce network congestion, reduce latency, and allow for larger clusters. In addition Machine ID will add support for Database Access.

ReleaseMay 2022

Teleport 10

Teleport 10 will bring Machine ID to GA with support for Database Access. Server Access will add support for automatic user provisioning and IP-based restrictions. Database Access will add preview support for Snowflake and audit logging support for Microsoft SQL Server and Elasticache support for Redis.

In addition, Teleport 10 will include preview releases of Passwordless and a Kubernetes Operator.

ReleaseJune 27th, 2022Good to go for production.

Teleport 10.1

Teleport 10.1 will bring Cassandra support to Database Access, file upload/download support to Desktop Access, and Kubernetes Access and CA rotation support to Machine ID.

ReleaseJuly 2022Good to go for production.

Teleport 10.2

Teleport 10.2 will bring host certificate support to Machine ID and Elasticsearch support to Database Access.

ReleaseAugust 2022Good to go for production.

Teleport Cloud

The key areas of focus for Teleport Cloud in summer 2022 are:

  • Ensuring the best routing and latency experience
  • Stronger outbound communications on cloud health and infrastructure changes
  • UX where the cloud offering differs from the on-prem offering
  • Scheduled upgrades will limit downtime to non-peak hours

Release Schedule

June 2022Complete rollout of our worldwide access design, allowing low-latency access from around the world.
Q2 2022Update security audit from independent auditors. 2021 Audit
Q2 2022Provide a public listing of IP addresses used by Teleport infrastructure for firewall configuration

Semantic Versioning

Teleport follows semantic versioning for pre-releases and releases.


Pre-releases have suffixes -alpha, -beta and -rc. They are not ready for production:

  • You can use alpha releases such as 5.0.1-alpha.1 for trying new features. Things can break and new changes may not be backwards-compatible.
  • Teleport beta releases, such as 5.0.1-beta.2 are suitable for staging environments. We are unlikely to change the APIs while we are ironing out bugs and UX glitches.
  • We mark release candidates as 5.0.1-rc.1 coding and bug fixes are finished. The team is going through the manual test plan to find any regressions.


Releases are ready for production use.

  • Releases 5.0.0 and 6.0.0 are major releases. We publish 4 major releases each year. Read more about upgrades and compatibility in Upgrading a Teleport Cluster.
  • Releases 5.1.0 are minor releases. They contain minor backwards-compatible improvements and backports.
  • Versions like 5.0.1 are quick patches. They contain backwards-compatible fixes.