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Join Services to your Teleport Cluster


A Teleport service manages access to resources in your infrastructure, such as Kubernetes clusters, Windows desktops, internal web applications, and databases. A single Teleport process can run multiple Teleport services.

There are multiple methods you can use to join a Teleport process to your cluster in order to run Teleport services, including an instance of the Proxy Service. Choose the method that best suits your infrastructure:

MethodDescriptionWhen to use
EC2 Identity DocumentA Teleport process running on an EC2 instance authenticates to your cluster via a signed EC2 instance identity document.Your Teleport process will run on EC2.
AWS IAMA Teleport process uses AWS credentials to join the cluster, whether running on EC2 or not.At least some of your infrastructure runs on AWS and your Teleport cluster is self hosted.
Azure Managed IdentityA Teleport process demonstrates that it runs in your Azure subscription by sending a signed attested data document and access token to the Teleport Auth Service.Your Teleport process will run on Azure.
Kubernetes ServiceAccountA Teleport process uses a Kubernetes-signed proof to establish a trust relationship with your Teleport cluster.Your Teleport process will run on Kubernetes.
Join TokenA Teleport process presents a join token provided when starting the service.There is no other supported method for your cloud provider.