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Teleport Kubernetes Access and Trusted Clusters


Federated Kubernetes access with Trusted Clusters

There are cases when you have Kubernetes clusters that have to operate independently, for example, they are part of a different organization or have intermittent connectivity.

You can take advantage of Trusted Clusters to federate trust across Kubernetes clusters.

When multiple trusted clusters are present behind a Teleport proxy, the kubeconfig generated by tsh login will contain the Kubernetes API endpoint determined by the <cluster> argument to tsh login.

For example, consider the following setup:

  • There are three Teleport/Kubernetes clusters: main, east, and west. These are the names set in cluster_name setting in their configuration files.
  • The clusters east and west are trusted clusters for main.
  • Users always authenticate against main but use their certificates to access SSH nodes and Kubernetes API in all three clusters.
  • The DNS name of the main proxy server is

In this scenario, users usually log in using this command:

Using login without arguments

tsh login

User's `kubeconfig` now contains one entry for the main Kubernetes

endpoint, i.e. ``.

Receive a certificate for "east":

tsh login east

User's `kubeconfig` now contains the entry for the "east" Kubernetes

endpoint, i.e. ``.

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