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Enterprise License File


This guide explains the use of a license file with Teleport Enterprise.

Commercial self-hosted Teleport subscriptions require a valid license. The license file can be downloaded from the Teleport Customer Portal. When downloading the file, the products you are licensed to use will be listed in the browser.

The Teleport license file contains an X.509 certificate and the corresponding private key in PEM format. Place the downloaded file on your Teleport Auth Servers and set the license_file configuration parameter of your teleport.yaml to point to the file location:

    license_file: /var/lib/teleport/license.pem

The license_file path can be either absolute or relative to the configured data_dir. If the license file path is not set, Teleport will look for the license.pem file in the configured data_dir.

Only Auth Servers require the license. Proxies and Nodes that do not also run the Auth Service do not need the license.

Attempts to use unlicensed products will result in an error message and users will be unable to use those products. For example, if you attempt to use Database Access without it being included in the license, you will get a message similar to:

this Teleport cluster is not licensed for database access, please contact the cluster administrator