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How to Review Teleport Documentation Changes

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  • OpenSource
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Teleport uses GitHub pull requests to manage documentation changes. You can set up your environment to preview docs changes on a local development server, then leave a review on the pull request.

Step 1/2 Set up a docs site clone

The Teleport documentation site is based on the GitHub repository gravitational/docs, and includes documentation for all supported versions of Teleport. To achieve this, the gravitational/docs repo includes git submodules for different branches of the Teleport source repository, gravitational/teleport, which also includes the documentation for a particular version of Teleport:

Clone the gravitational/docs repository:

git clone

Navigate to the root of your local clone of the gravitational/docs repository and run the following command to populate the content directory:

yarn git-update

Step 2/2 Visit preview pages on the development server

Navigate to the directory under content that corresponds to the latest released version of Teleport.

cd content/14.x

Docs PRs fall within gravitational/teleport. Check out the branch associated with the PR:

git switch branch-name

Navigate to the root of your gravitational/docs clone and run the following command to start the development server:

yarn dev

The development server listens on port 3000 by default. (It increments the port if you have other development server instances running.)

On GitHub, see which docs pages the pull request has changed and navigate to them within the development server.

On the docs site, files within docs/pages of gravitational/teleport correspond to pages within localhost:3000/docs.

When assigning URL paths to docs pages, the docs site strips the /pages/ segment and the .mdx extension. For example, docs/pages/get-started.mdx corresponds to docs/get-started/. docs/pages/index.mdx corresponds to the root of localhost:3000/docs.

Next steps

  • While reviewing documentation changes, you will often run into partials, admonitions, and other elements in the docs engine's library of UI components. Read about these in the UI Reference.
  • To make sure that docs pages make consistent use of language and structure, you should get familiar with the Teleport documentation style guide.