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Teleport Adopters and Use-Cases


Who is using Teleport?

Whether you're using Teleport Open Source, Enterprise, or Cloud Editions, tell us about your use-case.

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Company Industry Use-cases and case-studies
Nasdaq Finance Secure access to internal infrastructure.
Elastic Technology Testimonial
VMware Technology Testimonial
Snowflake Technology Access for SSH and Kubernetes clusters.
Samsung Technology Secure access for SSH and Kubernetes.
ECMWF Technology Case study
IBM Technology Protected access to internal Kubernetes clusters.
Infoblox Technology Secure access to internal infrastructure.
Wise Fintech Secure access for infrastructure.
Zapier Technology Secure access for SSH.
ExtraHop Infosec Case study
Twitch Technology SSH access.
GitLab Technology Team review
SumoLogic Technology Achieve FedRAMP compliance and secure access to infrastructure.
Gladly Technology Case study
VerticalChange Technology Testimonial
Shockbyte Technology Testimonial
Lacework Infosec Testimonial
Glu Mobile Gaming Testimonial
Decisiv Transportation Case study
Mattermost Technology Secure access to infrastructure.
thredUP Apparel & Fashion Case study