How Gluu provides clients instant access to their Open-source platform using Teleport

Oct 3, 2022 by 

Nate Magee

Gluu UI

With Teleport, Gluu can provide its clients with near-instantaneous access to its open-source software, allowing them to get up and running in minutes. This is a huge benefit for organizations who need to quickly provision their tools in order to start using them.

In the past, Gluu has documented many ways that it uses Teleport to provide Gluu clients a gateway for their tools. Before Teleport, clients had an Identity Access Management (IAM) solution through Gluu, but still needed unified access across cloud and on-premises infrastructure, as well as resources and applications.

However, by using Gluu and Teleport in tandem, users have dynamic access to different resources based on their role or group without needing to map users manually. If an individual’s role is modified, a user’s access to resources gets modified accordingly.

In addition to the efficiencies gained for onboarding new customers, Teleport has helped Gluu add a layer of auditing capabilities. The company can quickly review who has access to which resources within one defined yaml and make edits as necessary. Changes to access can also be seen through recorded sessions so that administrators can review possible issues.

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Combining the use of Teleport with enhancements to our own workflows helped us accelerate onboarding from five days to fifteen minutes. I’d give Teleport 40% of the credit for those series of enhancements.

  • Mohammad Abudayyeh, Director of Engineering at Gluu

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